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Dinalgen 150 mg/ml Solution for Injection for Cattle, Pigs and Horses
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- Reduction of inflammation and pain associated with post-partum, musculoskeletal disorders and lameness.
- Reduction of fever associated with bovine respiratory disease.
- Reduction of inflammation, fever and pain in acute clinical mastitis in combination with antimicrobial therapy where appropriate. 
- Reduction of pyrexia in cases of respiratory disease and Postpartum Dysglactia Syndrome-PDS-(Metritis Mastitis Agalactia syndrome) in sows, in combination with antimicrobial therapy, where appropriate. 
- Reduction of inflammation and pain associated with osteoarticular and musculoskeletal disorders (lameness, laminitis, osteoarthritis, synovitis, tendinitis, etc.).
- Reduction of postoperative pain and inflammation.
- Reduction of visceral pain associated with colic.