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Dosage and administration
For oral administration only.
2.5 ml per 10 kg bodyweight (7.5 mg levamisole hydrochloride per kg bodyweight). For example:
10 kg
2.5 ml
20 kg
5.0 ml
30 kg
7.5 ml
40 kg
10.0 ml
50 kg
12.5 ml
60 kg
15.0 ml
Sheep over 60 kg should be given a further 1 ml for each additional 4 kg body weight.
2.5 ml per 10 kg bodyweight (7.5 mg levamisole hydrochloride per kg bodyweight), up to a maximum of 75 ml for cattle weighing 300 kg and over. For example:
50 kg
12.5 ml
100 kg
25.0 ml
150 kg
37.5 ml
200 kg
50.0 ml
250 kg
62.5 ml
300 kg and over
75.0 ml
Veterinary advice should be sought:
- On appropriate dosing programmes and stock management to achieve adequate parasite control, and to reduce the likelihood of anthelmintic resistance developing.
- If the product does not achieve the desired clinical effect, since other diseases, nutritional disturbances or anthelmintic resistance may be involved.
To ensure administration of a correct dose, body weight should be determined as accurately as possible; accuracy of the dosing device should be checked. Occasionally at the recommended dose cattle may show signs of lip-licking and slight muscle tremor. Do not mix with other products.