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Eurican DHPPi:  Contra-indications, warnings, etc
Eurican DHPPi
Eurican DHPPi
Contra-indications, warnings, etc
For animal treatment only.
The CAV 2 and CPV vaccinal strains may be shed from vaccinated animals for a number of days following vaccination. However, due to the absence of demonstrable pathogenicity of these strains, it is not necessary to keep vaccinated animals separated from non-vaccinated animals.
Do not mix with any other veterinary medicinal product except Eurican L.
Vaccination may occasionally cause hypersensitivity reactions in some animals. In such cases symptomatic treatment should be provided. In rare cases, immediately after the injection, slight and transient pain may occur at the injection site. Slight swelling (<4cm) at the injection site may be observed after vaccination. Such swellings will resolve in most animals within 4-5 days. Some animals may also show slight dullness during the first three days post vaccination.
Can be used during pregnancy. In the absence of data from studies in seronegative bitches, the vaccine should only be used in pregnant bitches which have previously been vaccinated before pregnancy.
Safety and efficacy data are available which demonstrate that this vaccine can be reconstituted in Eurican L. No information is available on the safety and efficacy of this vaccine when used with any other veterinary medicinal product except the product mentioned above.
A decision to use this vaccine before or after any other veterinary medicinal product therefore needs to be made on a case by case basis.
In case of accidental self-injection, seek medical advice immediately and show the package insert or label to the physician.
  Date updated: 17 May 2012