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Lutalyse 5 mg/ml Solution for Injection:  Further information
Lutalyse 5 mg/ml Solution for Injection
Lutalyse 5 mg/ml Solution for Injection
Further information
Many factors contribute to the success and failure of reproduction management, and these are important when the time of breeding is to be regulated with Lutalyse. Some of these factors are:
1.Cattle and mares must have a corpus luteum on the ovary of about five days or more of age in order for Lutalyse to be luteolytic; i.e.: they are healthy and are undergoing normal oestrus cycles.
2.Semen of high fertility must be inseminated.
3.Semen must be inseminated properly.
4.Oestrus must be detected accurately if timed AI is not employed.
5.Physical facilities must be adequate to allow cattle handling without being detrimental to the animal.
6.Nutritional status must be adequate prior to and during the breeding season as this has a direct effect on conception and the initiation of oestrus in heifers or return of oestrus cycles in cows following calving.
  Date updated: 1 November 2006