Pet Health Information
Why should you recommend the Pet Health Information website to your clients?
Do your clients need a memory jog between visits to think about their pets’ health? Would you like to be able to recommend a website giving totally unbranded advice which aims to get pet owners talking to pet care professionals?
NOAH’s Pet Health Information website is a ‘one stop source’ featuring a wealth of animal health information and advice to help owners and potential owners to make decisions about their pets’ healthcare.
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Carrying no advertising and mentioning no medicine brand names, the site does not act as a diagnosis tool for owners, but gives sound basic information and encourages them to talk to veterinary surgeons and other pet care specialists — this means you!
Improve compliance! Your clients can forget what you’ve told them about their pet’s condition by the time they get their pet home. The Pet Health Information website acts as back up.
Take advantage of the resource…
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Be part of our 'Happy Healthy Pets' photo gallery. Encourage your clients to upload their photographs to show how your practice helps keep their pets well. They may even be featured in our monthly blogs.
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We are always eager to hear what would help you more.
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