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Dosage and administration
Dogs and cats
The dosage rate of enrofloxacin is 5 mg/kg given orally once daily or as a divided dose twice daily for 3 to 10 days with or without food. Treatment may be initiated with Baytril 5% Injection or Baytril 2.5% Injection and maintained with Baytril Flavour Tablets.
The daily dose is achieved as follows:
Cats and small dogs: 1 Baytril Flavour Tablet 15 mg per 3 kg bodyweight
Medium dogs: 1 tablet Baytril Flavour Tablets 50 mg per 10 kg bodyweight
Large dogs: 1 tablet Baytril Flavour Tablets 150 mg per 30 kg bodyweight
Use during pregnancy and lactation
The product may be used safely in pregnant and lactating animals.