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Dosage and administration
The minimum dose rate is 8 mg/kg bodyweight, which equates to 1 tube per 2.5 kg bodyweight.
Number of
Quantity of
Praziquantel (mg)
maximum 12
Method of administration
Remove one tube from the package. Hold the tube in an upright position, twist and pull off cap. Use reversed cap to twist and remove seal from tube. See Figure 1.
Description: h-560
Figure 1: Opening a tube
Part the hair on the cat’s neck at the base of the skull until the skin is visible. See Figure 2.
Description: h-564
Figure 2: Administration
Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze firmly several times to empty the contents directly onto the skin. Application at the base of the skull will minimise the opportunity for the cat to lick the product.
To minimise the possibility of run-off after application of more than one pipette, it is advised that the applications should be performed slowly to allow absorption and that it may be advisable to allow the contents of the previous pipette to be absorbed before applying another.
Tapeworm infestation is certain to re-occur unless control of the intermediate hosts such as fleas, mice, etc, is undertaken.
Flea control: Flea infestations can be controlled by the regular use of effective flea control remedies.
Control of mice: If cats roam and hunt, contact with, and consumption of, mice and subsequent re-infestation with Taenia taeniaeformis is impossible to prevent.
It is recommended to re-apply Droncit Spot-On when signs of tapeworm infestation re-appear or at monthly intervals.
Use During Pregnancy and Lactation
There are no contra-indications against use during pregnancy and lactation.