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Dosage and administration
Initial treatment is a single dose of 0.2 mg meloxicam/kg body weight on the first day. Treatment is to be continued once daily by oral administration (at 24-hour intervals) at a maintenance dose of 0.1 mg meloxicam/kg body weight. 
For longer term treatment, once clinical response has been observed (after ≥ 4 days), the dose of Metacam can be adjusted to the lowest effective individual dose reflecting that the degree of pain and inflammation associated with chronic musculo-skeletal disorders may vary over time. 
Particular care should be taken with regard to the accuracy of dosing. Shake well before use. To be administered orally either mixed with food or directly into the mouth.
The suspension can be given using either the drop dispenser of the bottle (for very small breeds) or the measuring syringe provided in the package.
Dosing procedure using the drop dispenser of the bottle:
Initial dose: 4 drops /kg body weight
Maintenance dose: 2 drops /kg body weight.
Dosing procedure using the measuring syringe:
The syringe fits onto the drop dispenser of the bottle and has a kg-body weight scale which corresponds to the maintenance dose. Thus for initiation of the therapy on the first day, twice the maintenance volume will be required. Alternatively therapy may be initiated with Metacam 5 mg/ml solution for injection. 
A clinical response is normally seen within 3–4 days. Treatment should be discontinued after 10 days at the latest if no clinical improvement is apparent. Avoid introduction of contamination during use.