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Dosage and administration
For oral administration only using properly calibrated dosing equipment. Estimate bodyweight accurately. Shake container before use
Recommended dose rate
10 mg triclabendazole per kg bodyweight as a single administration.
Up to 10 kg
2 ml
40 kg
8 ml
15 kg
3 ml
50 kg
10 ml
20 kg
4 ml
60 kg
12 ml
25 kg
5 ml
70 kg
14 ml
30 kg
6 ml
80 kg
16 ml
For animals over 80 kg - give an additional 2 ml for each additional 10 kg bodyweight.
Dosing Programme:
Routine treatment (Areas of heavy fluke infection)
As a guide, dose all sheep exposed to fluke infected pastures preventatively at regular intervals of 10 weeks from March/April through to October/November. In situations where stock are out-wintered another dose in January may be required. All animals grazing the pasture should be treated at these times. All bought in animals should be dosed before joining the main flock. Veterinary advice should be sought with regard to specific preventative dosing regimes.
Routine treatment (Areas of moderate fluke infection)
Dose all sheep on fluke infected pastures at intervals of 10 weeks throughout the fluke season, usually September to January/ February. All bought in animals should be dosed before joining the main flock.
An additional preventative treatment in the Spring will assist in reducing the amount of new infestation on pasture in the following autumn.
Treatment of sub-acute and acute outbreaks
The flock should be treated immediately after diagnosis and veterinary advice should be sought for subsequent dosing intervals. If a preventative fluke dosing programme is employed, the occurrence of acute fluke is greatly reduced. Retreatment may not be carried out within 8 weeks.