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Dosage and administration
Dosage and administration
To ensure administration of a correct dose, body weight should be determined as accurately as possible; accuracy of the dosing device should be checked.
To ensure thorough dispersion of the product it should first be mixed with a suitable quantity of feed ingredients before incorporation in the final mix.
The recommended dose level is 0.1 mg ivermectin/kg bodyweight fed daily for seven consecutive days.
This is achieved as follows:
Inclusion rate in kilograms per tonne of finished feed = Average Bodyweight / (Average daily feed intake x 10).
Use only in accordance with a valid Medicated Feedingstuffs prescription.
Directions for use: In order to avoid under or overdosing, pigs to be treated should be grouped by weight and the dose to be administered should be calculated based on the heaviest animal in the group.
Growing pigs: The recommended dose level of 0.1 mg/kg bodyweight daily for seven days is obtained under most circumstances, for pigs up to 40 kg bodyweight, by including 2 kg ivermectin premixture in each metric tonne of final feed. The ivermectin premixture should be thoroughly mixed in the finished feed and fed continuously as the only ration for seven consecutive days. In pigs weighing 40 kg liveweight and over, average daily feed consumption may fall below a feed intake of 5% of bodyweight where restricted feeding programmes are in use or where pigs are fed a ration high in protein. For pigs weighing 40 kg and over, include 2.4 kg ivermectin premixture in each metric tonne of final feed.
Adult pigs: The recommended dose level for adult pigs weighing over 100 kg liveweight is achieved under most circumstances by thoroughly mixing 10kg of the ivermectin premixture in each metric tonne of swine ration. The resultant medicated feed is to be fed at the rate of 1 kg per 100 kg of bodyweight each day for seven consecutive days, as part of the individual ration. Where medicated feed is to be fed as part of the ration, it is recommended that the ivermectin medicated feed is fed first. After this is consumed, any remainder of the daily feed allocation should be provided. This should be repeated for seven consecutive days. Alternatively, where dry feed intake can be accurately determined and all animals to be treated have similar bodyweight, the inclusion rate can be calculated using the previous formula to allow sole feeding of medicated feed.
Growing pigs: Groups of growing pigs should be treated for seven consecutive days on transfer to clean quarters. Where an all-in all-out system is not possible, it is recommended that the in-feed parasite control programme should begin with treatment of all growing pigs already in the house.
Breeding animals: Breeding animals are treated by feeding medicated feed for seven consecutive days. At the time of initiating any parasite control programme, it is important to treat all animals in the herd. After the initial treatment, use the premix regularly as follows:
Sows: Treat 14-21 days prior to farrowing to minimize infection of piglets.
Gilts: Treat 14-21 days prior to breeding. Treat 14-21 days prior to farrowing.
Boars: Treat at least 2 times per year. Frequency of, and need for, treatments are dependent upon parasite exposure.
This product should be incorporated by licensed feed manufacturers only.
The product can be incorporated in pelleted feed preconditioned with steam for up to 10 seconds at a temperature not exceeding 65°C.
Overdose (symptoms, emergency procedure, antidotes)
When included in the ration of pigs at levels up to 5 times the recommended dose of 0.1 mg ivermectin per kg bodyweight for 21 consecutive days (3 times the recommended treatment period), the product did not produce treatment related adverse reactions. No antidote has been identified.