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Dosage and administration
Dosing Instructions
Medicated feed should be fed for 7 consecutive days.
Incorporate the required amount of the product into the daily feed ration.
The daily ration should be fed as a “complete ration” during the 7 day treatment period. At the inclusion rates in the table below, for chicken and geese the ration will contain 30 ppm flubendazole and for turkeys 20 ppm.
Chicken and Geese
60 g of product (the whole tub) medicates 20 kg of feed
60 g of product (the whole tub) medicates 30 kg of feed
30 g of product medicates 10 kg of feed
18 g of product medicates 9 kg of feed
6 g of product medicates 2 kg of feed
6 g of product medicates 3 kg of feed
A level measure of the scoop that is included = 6 g of wormer. Use the scoop to measure the correct amount of product to mix into the dry feed as per the table above. Refer to the prescription for the exact inclusion rate. The dosage is dependent on the amount of feed that each bird consumes over the 7-day treatment period. Larger birds eat more feed and receive more medication according to their weight.
Mixing advice
The volume of product to be mixed into the feed is small. Mix very well for even distribution.
Initially, mix the required volume of product into a cup of feed. Mix very well. Add this to a bowl of feed and mix very well. Repeat twice more, every time into a larger volume of food. Mix well.
Treatment frequency
Birds on the ground with known worm infestations are susceptible to re-infestation. In such cases, re-treatment with another 7-day course, after 3 weeks is recommended.