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Dosage and administration
Infuse one syringe (10 ml. product) into each affected quarter. Repeat this treatment immediately after each of the next two 12 hourly milkings, to give a total of three infusions per infected quarter.
By intramammary infusion only, taking aseptic precautions. The syringe must only be used once.
Where necessary, wash teats or whole udder thoroughly with warm water containing a suitable dairy disinfectant and dry them thoroughly. Milk out the udder completely. Disinfect teat end with a pad of alcohol or other suitable disinfectant. Use a separate pad for each teat. Remove cap from plastic tip. Choose the desired insertion length (full or partial) and insert the tip into the teat canal. Push plunger to dispense entire contents and massage the quarter to distribute the product into the milk cistern. Following infusion, it is advisable to dip all teats in an approved teat dip.