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Pharmaceutical particulars
Brilliant blue FCF (E 133), Casein hydrolysate, Mannitol, Polyvidone, Sucrose, Potassium dihydrogen phosphate, Dipotassium phosphate, Potassium glutamate, Bovine albumin fraction V, Purified water, Citric acid (anhydrous), Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Magnesium stearate
Major incompatibilities
The presence of disinfectant and/or antiseptic in water and material used for the dissolution of tablets is not compatible with an effective vaccination. Do not mix with any other veterinary medicinal product.
Shelf life
Shelf life of the veterinary medicinal product as packaged for sale: 2 years.
Shelf life after reconstitution according to directions: 2 hours.
Special precautions for storage
Store and transport refrigerated (2ºC-8ºC). Do not keep unused tablets removed from the blister. Keep the blisters in the outer carton.
Immediate packaging
Box of 1 blister of 10 tablets of 1,000 doses or 2000 doses.
Any unused veterinary medicinal product or waste materials derived from such veterinary medicinal product should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements.