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Pharmacological particulars
ATCvet code QA10AC03. Drugs used in Diabetes and Analogues for injection, intermediate-acting, Insulin (pork).
Pharmacotherapeutic group: antidiabetic.
Pharmacodynamic properties
Summary presentation of the active principle
The active ingredient highly purified porcine insulin is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the pancreas by the beta cells in the Islets of Langerhans. The overall effect of insulin is to promote an anabolic state in which there is a net synthesis of carbohydrate, protein and fat.
Insulin facilitates the intake of glucose obtained from food or gluconeogenesis by cells that are in need of energy supply for metabolism. Liver, adipose tissue and brain in particular utilise large amounts of glucose. In diabetes mellitus there is a decreased use of glucose caused by a relative or absolute insulin deficiency. Entrance of glucose into cells is therefore inhibited and glucose accumulates in the body fluids. In diabetic dogs, the action of Caninsulin in blood glucose concentrations, following subcutaneous administration peaks at about 4-8 hours post-injection and lasts for 14-24 hours. In diabetic cats the action of Caninsulin on blood glucose concentrations after subcutaneous administration peaks at about 4-6 hours and last for 8-12 hours post injection.
Pharmacokinetic particulars
The product is an intermediate acting product containing 35% amorphous insulin, which exerts an effect at about 3 hours after subcutaneous injection and has a duration of effect of about 6-8 hours, and 65% crystalline insulin which has a slower onset and a maximum effect between 7 - 12 hours after injection and a duration of 16-24 hours.