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Further information
Advocin has demonstrated excellent in vitro and in vivo activity against M.haemolytica and P.multocida, E.coli and Salmonella spp. and A.pleuropneumoniae, the major pathogenic bacteria associated with bovine and porcine respiratory and enteric infections.
Advocin has also demonstrated efficacy against mycoplasma in vitro
Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae MIC90 = 0.06 μg/ml.
Mycoplasma bovis MIC90 = 0.5 μg/ml.
Advocin is rapidly absorbed from the site of injection and reaches a high concentration in lung tissues within one hour following initial treatment. Drug levels in these tissues are approximately four-fold those found in the plasma. Advocin exerts its activity by inhibiting the bacterial DNA gyrase enzyme which is involved in bacterial DNA replication. Inhibition of DNA gyrase is lethal to bacteria and danofloxacin has been shown to be rapidly bactericidal. Advocin is bacteriocidal by a concentration-dependent mechanism so that achievement of high peak plasma concentrations will achieve optimal performance.