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Dosage and administration
The recommended dose rates are as follows:
10-20 mg/kg bodyweight daily
20-30 mg/kg bodyweight daily
10-30 mg/kg bodyweight daily
10-30 mg/kg bodyweight daily
These dose rates can usually be achieved by mixing 1.2 kg of Aurofac Granular 250 mg/g Premix per tonne of complete feed to give a concentration of 300 ppm chlortetracycline hydrochloride. However the correct incorporation rate should be calculated based on the feed consumption rates of the animals to be treated.
To ensure thorough dispersion of the product, it should first be mixed with a suitable quantity of feed ingredients before incorporation into the final mix. Aurofac Granular 250 mg/g Premix can be incorporated in pelleted feed preconditioned at temperatures up to 70°C.
The medicated feed should be supplied to the affected pen(s) or group(s) of pigs, chickens, turkeys or ducks. Treatment should be continued for a period of five to seven days for respiratory or systemic infections. During the treatment period, only feed medicated with the product should be supplied.
A manufacturer who is approved to incorporate directly at any concentration, veterinary medicinal products or premixtures containing such products must be responsible for mixing when incorporation is less than 2 kg per tonne of final feed.
For incorporation into dry feed at the registered mill.