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Dosage and administration
The vaccine is to be administered by nasal drops to dogs of the age 8 weeks and older.
Primary vaccination
Vaccination with 1 dose of 1ml per dog from the age of 8 weeks. Administer 0.5ml of vaccine in each nostril. For larger animals (>15 kg), 1.0ml may be administered in a single nostril.
One dose at least five days before the period of anticipated risk, e.g. temporary kennelling.
Annual booster of one dose.
Advice on correct administration
Aseptically reconstitute the lyophilisate with the solvent. Shake the product well after reconstitution. Withdraw the liquid with the syringe, remove the needle and replace with the applicator. The vaccine should be used immediately. The head of the dog should be held with the nose pointing upwards and its mouth closed, so that it is forced to breathe through its nostrils. Administer the product in the nostrils drop by drop.