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Further information
Moxidectin is a member of the 3-ML anthelmintic class.
Moxidectin has been shown to be safe for use in pregnant, lactating and breeding animals.
CYDECTIN 0.1% Oral Drench for Sheep has a wide margin of safety and symptoms of overdose do not generally occur at less than 5 times the recommended dose. They are manifested as transient salivation, depression, drowsiness and ataxia 8 to 12 hours post-treatment. Treatment is not generally necessary and recovery is generally complete within 24 to 48 hours. There is no specific antidote.
Dosing Guidelines
CYDECTIN 0.1% Oral Drench for Sheep gives optimal pasture protection against stomach worms Teladorsagia sp and Haemonchus sp, with an 8 week dosing interval–i.e. 5 week persistent activity, plus a 3 week interval from any re-infection to the presence of eggs in the dung.
Treat at or around lambing to minimise the "spring rise", and pre-tupping, when rams should be treated also.
After treatment, CYDECTIN 0.1% Oral Drench for Sheep continues to kill stomach worms picked up by the ewe for 5 weeks, thus substantially reducing pasture contamination. This "vacuum-cleaning" effect greatly reduces the worm challenge to lambs grazing the same pasture.
The first dose should be given at around 4-6 weeks of age, with a second dose, if required 8 weeks later. Additional treatment may be required where there is a Nematodirus challenge.
Treat lambs when a challenge is expected. CYDECTIN 0.1% Oral Drench for Sheep effectively controls Nematodirus at the time of dosing, but as with other available wormers does not offer a persistent effect against Nematodirus.