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Dosage and administration
The dosage needed may vary according to individual clinical circumstances such as severity of the condition to be treated, the anticipated duration of therapy and even to take into account the individual's case history.
The following dosage recommendations are therefore initial guidelines and may require modification in the light of individual clinical circumstances:
Average total daily dosage
 1 to 5 kg
1 mg
 5 to 9 kg
2 mg
 9 to 18 kg
2 to 4 mg
 18 to 36 kg
4 to 8 mg
The initial daily dose should be given in two equally divided doses.
In order to control clinical signs of certain autoimmune disorders e.g. Pemphigus vulgaris, the initial dosage may have to be higher than that suggested above. As soon as a satisfactory clinical response is achieved, the daily dose should be reduced gradually, either to termination of treatment in the case of acute conditions or to the minimal effective maintenance dose level in the case of chronic conditions.
The veterinary surgeon may, at his/her own discretion, use alternate day therapy in order to maintain minimal effective therapy of chronic conditions; published data and scientific opinion would suggest that dogs should be treated on every alternative morning and cats on every alternate evening.