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Dosage and administration
Reconstitute the 1 dose and 5 dose presentations by aseptically adding all the liquid to the vial containing the powder components. Shake well before use.
Reconstitute the 25 dose presentation by mixing the lyophilised fraction with the solvent in 2 steps:
1Inject 10 ml of the liquid fraction on the lyophilised plug in the freeze dried vial.
2Shake well and extract the reconstituted lyophilised fraction from the freeze dried vial and mix with the liquid fraction in the liquid fraction vial.
Shake well before use.
Vaccination programme
A single dose of 2ml of reconstituted vaccine should be given intranasally using the intranasal applicators provided to cattle from the age of 9 days. It is recommended to change applicators between animals to avoid transmitting infectious organisms.