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Dosage and administration
Fish must be anaesthetised prior to injection. Each fish should be given a single 0.1ml dose of vaccine by intraperitoneal injection. Vaccinate at water temperatures from 1°C - 18°C and preferably below 15°C. The vaccination equipment should be disinfected before use.
The vaccine should be left to slowly reach 15°C – 20°C by keeping it at room temperature. Only administer if the vaccine appears as a homogenous, white to cream coloured emulsion after shaking. If the vaccine shows signs of a brownish water phase in the bottom of the container, it should not be used for vaccination. Contact the distributor for further advice. The vaccine should be shaken prior to use.
To reduce the risk of adverse reactions, it is important to deposit the entire dose in the abdominal cavity. The injection needle should have appropriate diameter and length to penetrate the abdominal wall by 1 - 2 mm. The entire needle should be inserted into the midline approximately one and a half pelvic fin lengths anterior to the base of the pelvic fin.
Administration of the vaccine must be performed using an injection system that prevents back flush of the vaccine into the vaccine tube/container.