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Dosage and administration
Delousing should be performed in a well-boat or in a sea-cage with a raised net enclosed by a tarpaulin. This is to ensure proper control of the treatment volume and the treatment dosage and to reduce the amount of AMX® used and the environmental exposure. Calculate the water volume as exactly as possible to ensure correct dosing.
Treatment dose
0.2 ml AMX® per m3 (1000 l) sea water in the treatment unit. This corresponds to 2 μg deltamethrin/litre sea water in the treatment volume.
Treatment volume
For tarpaulin bath treatments, the dosage is calculated according to the actual volume of the treatment unit (tarpaulin volume).
For well-boat treatments, the dosage is calculated according to the actual volume of the treatment unit .
Treatment period
30 minutes
Advice on correct administration
The product should be brought to room temperature before use in order to flow more easily out of the bottle. Shake the bottle well before use. Calculate the volume in the treatment unit and the AMX® dose. Use a suitable container and dilute the calculated quantity of AMX® in sea water. Diluting the product in a large volume of sea water will ensure better dispersion and thereby the efficacy of the treatment. After a short period of stirring, the diluted solution must be spread evenly throughout the treatment unit. It is recommended to use a pump with low or moderate pressure to further improve an even dispersion. Do not disperse under high pressure as this may cause atomising and/or foaming.
All fish should be oxygenated during treatment. Ensure that the oxygen level is above 7 mg/l before the treatment is initiated and that it is kept above 7 mg/l during the entire duration of the treatment.
Avoid treatment if large amounts of organic material are present in the sea water, or if the sea-cage is overgrown, as this may reduce efficacy of the treatment. Overgrowth of algae on the sea-cages/nets may prevent water exchange after treatment. This may extend the exposure period and increase risk of intoxication of fish.
Treatment should not be carried out unless some degree of water current is present. Without a current the exposure period may be extended and increase the risk of overdosing. If water currents are low at the time of removal of the tarpaulin the use of an artificial water-current (e.g. a boat motor propeller) is recommended in order to speed up the water exchange in the treatment unit.
Dead sea lice may remain on fish for a few days after the treatment (depending on water temperature).
AMX® does not prevent reinfestation with sea lice after treatment. The treatment may be repeated if reinfestation with sea lice occurs, but a period of at least 14 days should elapse between treatments.