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Dosage and administration
The product is given by oral administration at a rate of 75 mg per kg bodyweight of fish daily for initially 4 days. After the initial treatment, mortalities should be assessed and a further 4 day treatment course should be administered if necessary.
Aquatet is for administration only through the feed by mixing with manufactured feed prior to feeding. Feeding rates will vary according to water temperature and it may therefore be more convenient to medicate on the basis of a fixed rate e.g. 1% of bodyweight, with the extra daily feed requirement being met by unmedicated food. The following inclusion rates will provide the recommended dose:
Aquatet Powder inclusion rate:
Daily feed rate % bodyweight
per 5 kg
of food
per 25 kg
of food
per tonne
of food
75 g
375 g
15 kg
37.5 g
187.5 g
7.5 kg
18.75 g
93.75 g
3.75 kg