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Dosage and administration
Subcutaneous use. Reconstitute immediately prior to use by the addition of the contents of one vial (1.0 ml) of the dilutent provided or the vaccines Canigen Lepto 4, Canigen Lepto 2 or Canigen Rabies.
Sterile equipment should be used for administration.
Avoid contamination of vaccine with traces of chemical sterilising agents. Do not use chemicals such as disinfectant or spirit to disinfect the skin prior to inoculation.
Vaccination regime
Primary course vaccination
A single injection should establish active immunity in dogs of 10 weeks of age or older. Where earlier protection is required a first dose may be given to puppies from 6 weeks of age, but because maternally derived passive antibody can interfere with the response to vaccination a final dose should be given 2-4 weeks later i.e. at 10 weeks of age or older.
Booster vaccination
To maintain protection a single booster dose is recommended every three years.