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Pharmacological particulars
The active ingredient, Lufenuron, is an insect development inhibitor (IDI) belonging to the chemical class of benzoylureas.
ATCvet code QP53BC01
Pharmacodynamic Properties
Lufenuron (INN) is an inhibitor of chitin synthesis and deposition. When administered systemically to the animal, fleas infesting the cat ingest the active ingredient with their bloodmeal and transfer it to their eggs. As a consequence, the formation of larval chitin structures, a process essential to insects, and the development of viable offspring are blocked.
Pharmacokinetic Properties
After subcutaneous administration of the product, the active ingredient is absorbed from the injection site and preferentially sequestered in the adipose tissues, from where it is continuously released metabolically unchanged into the bloodstream. Effective blood levels of Lufenuron are attained within 21 days after the initial injection, and the low elimination rate assures an effective concentration of the active ingredient in the bloodstream (above 50-100 ppd) for at least 6 months.