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Pharmacological particulars
Pharmacotherapeutic group: Anthelmintic
ATC vet code: QP52AC11
Pharmacodynamic properties
Albendazole oxide (ricobendazole) is an anthelmintic belonging to the benzimidazole group. Its mode of action, in common with other benzimidazoles is the disruption of microtubule formation by extensive binding to nematode tubulin. It is active against larval and adult stages, and is ovicidal.
Pharmacokinetic particulars
Albendazole oxide is slowly metabolised to a range of metabolites by hydroxylation, oxidation to sulphones, deacetylation to form amines and reduction to negligible amounts of albendazole. The most important metabolites are the sulphone and the 2-amino sulphone, neither of which is anthelmintically active.