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Dosage and administration
Intramuscular use. 
Preparation of vaccine for use (reconstitution):
Reconstitute the lyophilisate by adding the full content of the solvent at room temperature. Ensure that the lyophilisate is completely reconstituted before use. The reconstituted vaccine is transparent and colourless. Avoid multiple broaching.
Primary vaccination:
After reconstitution, administer one dose (2 ml) of the vaccine by intramuscular (IM) injection. It is recommended to vaccinate cattle at least 3 weeks before insemination/mating to provide foetal protection from the first day of conception. Animals which are vaccinated later than 3 weeks before gestation or during the early gestation may not be protected against foetal infection. This should be considered in case of herd vaccination.
Recommended re-vaccination programme:
Revaccination is recommended after 1 year. 12 months after primary vaccination most studied animals still had antibody titres at plateau while some animals had lower titres.