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Dosage and administration
Inhalation use.
The number of actuations to be administered is the same for all horses. The total treatment duration is 10 days:
- Day 1 to 5:
8 actuations (corresponding to 2,744 µg ciclesonide) administered twice daily approximately 12 h apart
- Day 6 to 10:
12 actuations (corresponding to 4,116 µg ciclesonide) administered once daily approximately 24 h apart.
The onset of clinical improvement may take several days. The 10 days treatment schedule should normally be completed. In case of any concerns related to the treatment the responsible veterinarian should be consulted.
The Aservo EquiHaler contains sufficient inhalation solution for one horse for the entire treatment duration of the 10 days and an additional amount covering priming and potential losses during administration.
Treatment schedule for use:
Treatment days 1 to 5
Treatment days 6 to 10
8 actuations
morning and evening
approximately 12 h apart
12 actuations
once daily
approximately 24 h apart
The “Instructions for handling and use of the Aservo EquiHaler” is provided in section “Other information“ of the package leaflet.