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Dosage and administration
Incorporate into finished feed at the following rate according to feed intake and dosage required (combined active ingredients 15 to 30 mg/kg bodyweight).
Administer for 5 days.
Feed intake per day per
kg bodyweight
Inclusion rate kg per tonne of feed
Up to 35 g
2.75–5.5 kg
35–40 g
2.50–5.0 kg
40–45 g
2.25–4.5 kg
45–50 g
2.00–4.0 kg
50–55 g
1.75–3.5 kg
55–65 g
1.50–3.0 kg
Depending on feed intake; bodyweight and dosage required, incorporate to give a dosage of 15-30mg combined active ingredients per kg bodyweight.
Chickens and Turkeys
Incorporate into finished feed at 2 kgs per tonne and feed for 10 days.
To ensure thorough dispersion, the product should first be mixed with 12.5kg of feed before incorporation in the final mix.