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Release 3.510
Doxatib 500mg Powder
Species: Chickens, Pigs
Therapeutic indication: Pharmaceuticals: Antimicrobials: Oral preparations: Others
Active ingredient: Doxycycline
Product:Doxatib 500mg Powder for Pigs & Chickens
Product index: Doxatib 500mg Powder
Pig - meat: Meat and offal: 4 days
Poultry - meat: See Notes
Poultry - eggs: See Notes
Withdrawal notes: Chickens:Meat and offal: 3 days (at a dose rate of 10 mg/kg b.w.)/Meat and offal: 9 days (at a dose rate of 20 mg/kg b.w.).
Eggs: Not authorised for use in laying birds producing eggs for human consumption.