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Dosage and administration
Route of administration:
Intraarticular use.
A single intraarticular injection of 1 dose (2ml) per animal.
Preparation of the suspension for injection:
The veterinary product must be administered intraarticularly by a veterinary surgeon taking special precautions to ensure sterility of the injection process. The product must be manipulated and injected using sterile techniques and in a clean environment.
The product needs to be administered immediately after thawing to prevent significant cell death.
Using appropriate gloves, remove the two vials (one vial of cells (1 ml) and one vial of EAP (1ml)) from the freezer/liquid nitrogen and thaw immediately at 25 °C – 37 °C, e.g. in a water bath, until the contents in each are completely thawed (approximately 5 minutes).
If any cell clusters are visible in either of the vials after thawing, gently shake the vial concerned until the suspension is clear and colourless (stem cell suspension) or clear and yellow (equine allogeneic plasma suspension: the diluent).
Remove the cap of the vial that thawed first and aspirate the suspension in a syringe, then remove the cap of the other (thawed) vial and aspirate the suspension in the same syringe. Then mix both the suspensions in the same syringe to produce one dose of the product (2 ml).
Use a needle with a diameter greater than or equal to 22G in order to prevent cell damage.