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Dosage and administration
Intramuscular use.
A single dose of 0.175 mg cloprostenol (as cloprostenol sodium) per animal corresponding to 2 mL of product per animal once, by deep intramuscular injection, preferably with a needle of at least 4-5 cm long.
It is recommended that the vial is not broached more than 10 times with a 21G needle (or finer) and that the appropriate vial size is used for prevailing usage conditions. Otherwise, an automatic syringe equipment, or a suitable draw-off needle, should be used for the 50 ml vials to avoid excessive puncturing of the stopper.
Having calculated the average gestation length for each farm, sows and gilts may be injected two days before this date or on any date thereafter to suit the requirements of the particular management system. Trials carried out two days before the average term have shown that normally 95% of animals will commence farrowing within 36 hours of treatment. The majority of animals can be expected to respond within the period 24±5 hours following injection, and earlier if farrowing had already almost spontaneously begun.