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Dosage and administration
For horses from 10 months of age.
Aseptically reconstitute the lyophilisate with the solvent provided. Shake well before use. The entire contents of the reconstituted vial should be administered intramuscularly as a single dose irrespective of body weight of the animal.
Dosage regimen
Three injections of a single dose for each animal are recommended.
The first two injections are administered with a 48-hour interval (day 0 and day 2) and the 3rd injection is administered on day 9.
To ensure efficacy of the treatment, it is important that the first dose of the product is administered shortly before or up to the day of crowding or exposure to other stressful conditions. It is important that the complete treatment schedule of 3 doses is administered.
Advice on correct administration
Sterile needles and syringes should be used for administration.
Syringes and needles should not have been sterilised chemically or be above ambient temperature. Do not use chemicals to disinfect or sterilise skin.
Shake well before use.
Aseptic precautions should be observed.