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Contra-indications, warnings, etc
The product should not be used for treatment of animals with chronic diseases with unclear causality.
No information is available to support the use of the authorised schedule in pregnant mares. There is no information concerning safety in stallions.
No information is available on the safety and efficacy of this immunological veterinary medicinal product when used with any other veterinary medicinal product. A decision to use this product before or after any other veterinary medicinal product therefore needs to be made on a case by case basis.
Do not mix with any other veterinary medicinal product.
Hyperthermia associated with general malaise and musculoskeletal signs (stiffness, abnormal posture, tense muscle) have been observed very rarely in spontaneous reports.
Hypersensitivity reactions (i.e. circulatory shock, tachycardia, abdominal pain, convulsion) may occur very rarely. Such reactions may evolve to a more severe condition (anaphylaxis), which may be life-threatening.
The frequency of adverse reactions is defined using the following convention:
- very common (more than 1 in 10 animals treated displaying adverse reaction(s))
- common (more than 1 but less than 10 animals in 100 animals treated)
- uncommon (more than 1 but less than 10 animals in 1,000 animals treated)
- rare (more than 1 but less than 10 animals in 10,000 animals treated)
- very rare (less than 1 animal in 10,000 animals treated, including isolated reports).
In an overdose (4 ml) safety study carried out in 1 day-old horses, no systemic or local reactions were observed.
All suspected adverse reactions and any suspected lack of efficacy should be reported to the Zoetis UK Ltd technical helpline on 0845 300 8034.
Withdrawal period
Zero days.
User warnings
In case of accidental self-injection, seek medical advice immediately and show the package leaflet or the label to the physician.