About the Compendium
The NOAH Data Sheet Compendium is supplied as a voluntary service to prescribers by NOAH. There is no legal requirement to issue data sheets under the VMR (Veterinary Medicine Regulations) as the SPC (Summary of Product Characteristics) is now the full legally approved document for all authorised veterinary medicines under the VMR.
Full SPCs for all authorised veterinary medicines are made available by the VMD on their website.
The traditional Data Sheet is an abbreviated form of the SPC and contains all the essential information for the prescriber which is consistent with the SPC and are of course also available in this online version of the compendium in an easily searchable database. This compendium contains a mixture of SPCs and data sheets.
Data sheets are prepared by the individual companies concerned and as a result vary somewhat in style but they are to a consistent format in their principal headings.
Further information
Many data sheets include additional material under the heading 'Further information'. Manufacturers are always willing to provide additional information on their products upon request. Enquiries should be directed to the companies concerned.
An increasing number of authorised medicine packs now carry a Global Trade Item Number contained within a 2 dimensional data matrix bar code.
Description: GTIN
This enable users, with a special 2D Data Matrix bar code scanner, to identify the contents, expiry date and batch number of medicines. The relevant GTIN, where issued, is now included in the data sheet entry in this compendium under a separate heading called GTIN as a 13 or 14 digit number. This may be of assistance in stock control of medicines in practice management systems. For further details contact the NOAH office or your practice management system supplier.
Preparation and revision of data sheets
The data sheets included in the 2021 book edition were prepared or reviewed between August and September 2020 and the Compendium itself was published in January 2021. Companies may choose to highlight significant changes or new products in the new and updated section.
Individual participating companies may issue loose leaf data sheets which supersede those included in the book version of the Compendium. It is advisable to retain any such revised data sheets which are received and to appropriately mark the relevant entries in the Compendium. Use the web version as the most up-to-date reference as this is updated weekly with any amended data sheets, SPCs or new products.
For more information on changes and updates to SPCs see the VMD website.
Vm Symbol for Veterinary Medicines
Most marketing authorisation numbers in this compendium bear the designated Vm.
Products labelled with the Vm prefix indicate to users that their safety, quality and efficacy have been fully tested for use in the UK in the species in which use is recommended.
Those products authorised through the European Medicines Agency show marketing authorisation numbers prefixed EU. These have also been fully approved for safety, quality and efficacy, this time on an EU-wide basis.
Products marketed under the Small Animal Exemption Scheme do not have a Marketing Authorisation number. A wholesaler dealer's authorisation number may be stated.
Trade marks
The ™ symbol by the name of a product indicates that the name is a trade mark: however, the absence of the symbol should not be considered confirmation that the name is not a trade mark. The company symbols which appear in certain participants' sections are also trade marks.
Withdrawal periods
The compendium publication is printed annually and withdrawal periods within the book are correct at the time of when the book was being prepared for print. However it is the responsibility of the dispensing veterinarian to refer to the packaging and the online compendium and to also be aware of any announcements of withdrawal period changes for products that may have been made since the compendium was printed.