NOAH Compendium App - What's New...
Free to download from App Store and Google Play.
Search & Filter
Search is more powerful, some of the features included are:-
Starting a search will automatically show possible results
Previous searches are displayed
You can now search within a datasheet, the results can then be cycled through
Filtering datasheets allows multiple filters to be applied at once
Activity Tab
This new section in the tab bar at the bottom of the screen shows:
Your bookmarked datasheets
Your datasheets with notes
Datasheets with significant changes
Recently viewed datasheets
You can now add notes to any section of information within a datasheet. Multiple notes can be added to a datasheet. These notes can be added to a datasheet. These notes can be viewed from within a datasheet and are also saved in the Activities Tab.
Significant Update
The app will now display when a datasheet has had a 'Significant update' made to it. A list of all datasheets with significant changes is also saved in the Activity Tab.